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Religious Education 2019

We welcome you to the 2019-2020 Religious Education year, filled with exciting, energetic learning that will get your kids out of their seats as they excitedly dive into the Bible and the teachings of the Church!


Discover! Finding Faith in Life, a brand new approach to Children's Faith Formation, is here!

Please complete these documents and return in Sunday offertory, drop them off or mail to the parish office, or email

 Registration Form Religious Education for Grades 1-8

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Saint Joseph is committed to a dynamic partnership with parents in the religious education of their children.  Parents, by word and example, teach their children from birth throughout life.  At their child’s Baptism, parents undertake responsibility of providing for his/her Christian formation.  The Religious Education staff strives to assist parents to build on and continue that Christian formation with formal classes.  This partnership between parents and Religious Education staff requires ongoing communication and collaboration.

In our classes, we seek to provide the catechesis and skills-building needed for each child to grow and mature, as far as each is able, in understanding, positive attitudes, and faithful practice of the Catholic faith (see 1 Cor. 13:11).  We strive, therefore, to assist each child in committing him or herself to a relationship with God characterized by a lifelong pattern of enthusiastic sacramental life, prayer, Christian service, and growth in understanding of the Catholic faith.