Safe Environment at St. Joseph

Thank you for your stewardship and willingness to serve our parish!  St. Joseph Catholic Church would not be able to have such an effective ministry to our children and students without the faithful service of individuals like you. We recognize the importance of what you do and the impact you are having for God’s kingdom. We pray that God will continue to give you a passion to serve Him here at St. Joseph. It is our desire that we have the best ministry we can possibly have for all of our parish family. For this reason we ask all of our disciples to have a background check completed. It is unfortunate that we need to take such precautions in the church. Please know that implementing these checks is not a reflection on you or any of our current disciples – just a necessary precaution.  Complete both steps below and return your form and certificate to the parish office.

1. iChat Background Checks

If you are in the process of being hired, or being approved as a volunteer, you will find instructions regarding the qualifications for background checks here. Please complete and return to the parish office or email to parishoffice@stjosephtc.org.

2. Virtus Training

All those who minister to children or young people are to be educated about the nature of child sexual abuse, how it is perpetrated, how to report it, and strategies for prevention.  The Diocese of Gaylord has implemented a training program by the name of “VIRTUS”.  VIRTUS is a national program, widely in use in dioceses throughout the United States. It is a web-based on-line training program that specializes in helping churches and religious organizations create safe environments for children and youth.  The program is mandatory for all adults [employees or volunteers] whether or not they interact on a regular basis with children in the Gaylord Diocese. 

As of July 1, 2015, Bishop Raica has mandated that each employee and each volunteer who has exposure with children complete safe environment training through Virtus.  Log on to Virtus.org, create a user ID and password and complete the course that is offered there for the Diocese of Gaylord. Let us know when you have completed it.

To take your Virtus Training, click here.




Disciples are essential to the working of St. Joseph Catholic Church.  As part of our church family, we strive to create and maintain safe environments for all who are here.  To ensure that the children and youth who worship, study or participate in activities we sponsor do so in the safest and most secure setting possible, we are requiring that all volunteers complete the Diocese of Gaylord iChat Employee and Volunteer Criminal Background Check Authorization and Release Form and receive Safe Environment Training through VIRTUS.  A background check will be done on all volunteers. 

USCCB Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People