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Stewardship Renewal 2018

Download the Stewardship Renewal Form here

The Three Steps of Stewardship Renewal


  1. Pray for God’s guidance.

  • Ask God to show you how to use your timetalent, and treasure to become a better disciple of Jesus.
  1. Review your commitment to your faith and to St. Joseph Catholic Church.

  • What amount of time have you been spending on your spiritual growth?  Is God inviting you to begin a new practice or increase the amount of time you spend at study, prayer, and worship so that you might become a better disciple of Jesus? 
  • How have you been sharing your God-given talents with your community and in service to others? Is it time to retire from one area of ministry so that you can begin another?
  • What portion of your treasure have you been giving to support your parish and other charities? Consider taking another step toward the biblical 10% tithe - 5% to your parish and 5% to other charities.
  1.  Commit to a plan, share it, live it.

In your prayer, tell God what steps you intend to take in 2019:

  • How you will use your time to promote your spiritual growth.
  • Where you intend to share your talents within your community.
  • What percentage of your treasure you will give freely to the parish and other charities.

Use your Stewardship Renewal Form to inform the Parish Office the areas of ministry that interest you and the dollar amount of your weekly/monthly donation to the parish during 2019. The Parish Staff will respect your confidentiality as they record your pledge and ask the various Ministry Leaders to contact you to get you started in your new ministries.


What is Stewardship?

Our third annual parish Stewardship Renewal Ministry Fair will be held October 6-7, after all Masses.  Please plan to stop by the parish hall to view all of the exciting opportunities and enjoy fellowship and light refreshments!