SCAM ALERT! There has been a priest scam going around. If you receive an urgent email request from Fr. Rexroat or the Parish asking for money or assistance of any kind THIS IS A SCAM. DO NOT OPEN IT!

Weather Policy

Inclement Weather Policy

St. Joseph Catholic Church takes seriously its obligation to provide for the safety of those attending Mass and parish activities. This policy reflects our commitment to making safety a priority.


  • If schools are closed, all events scheduled before 11am—parish or otherwise—will be cancelled.
  • On these days, the office will open at 11am and the 8:45am Masses will be moved to 11am. 
  • If schools are closed on Wednesday, Adoration will be cancelled. 
  • A message will be posted on our website, Facebook page, and answering machine, when our evening parish activities are cancelled.
  • Weekend Masses will be celebrated as scheduled.