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Part-time Director of Religious Education

St. Joseph Catholic Church is currently recruiting for this position. This is a part-time paid ministry under the direct supervision of the Pastor. Responsibilities will include maintaining a comprehensive parish catechetical program for children and youth, as well as sacramental preparation. Must be a Catholic in good standing with the Church. 


To Apply: Please send a cover letter, resume, and completed background check form via email to businessmanager@stjosephtc.org or mail to:  Business Manager, St. Joseph Catholic Church, 12675 Center Road, Traverse City MI 49686.  Position is open until filled.




EMPLOYMENT STATUS: Part-Time, Non-Exempt


POSITION SUMMARY:  This is a part-time position responsible for overseeing the coordination of the K–12 Religious Education Program, with additional responsibilities as determined by the Pastor.

REPORTING FUNCTION:  Reports directly to the Pastor.


As a representative of the Pastor, the DRE implements the parish religious education program in accordance with the parish mission and goals. The DRE manages program content, volunteer disciples and budget; coordinates with other parish ministries and activities; reports to Pastor and parish councils/committees as required. Duties may include any or all of the following:

  • Articulate a vision of catechesis and the catechetical process based on the major catechetical documents of the Church.  Review, evaluate, and develop programs, mission statements, long- and short range goals and objectives to help the parish community evaluate and carry out its role as a catechizing agent.  Coordinate all parish Faith Formation Activities K-12, including special sacramental formational activities.  Make diocesan religious education curriculum available to parish catechists and oversee its implementation.
  • Apply appropriate principles of human development, especially faith and moral development, to a catechetical program.  MUtilize appropriate methodologies of adult-centered and/or child-centered learning.
  • Involve the family as an essential agent in the faith formation process, especially in the faith formation of children and adolescents.  Plan and execute all catechetical parent meetings.
  • Implement or support a program of catechist formation according to diocesan certification norms.  Manage the implementation of diocesan religious education policies in the parish religious education program, including compliance with Diocesan Youth Protection policies.  Evaluate catechists and make adjustments as necessary.  Recruit and maintain catechists and other catechetical volunteers. 
  • Responsible for conducting registration of students in Religious Education Program.  Generate appropriate communications and publicity regarding catechetical programs.  Use media and technology for effective program implementation.  Schedule and disseminate annual parish religious education calendar.
  • Keep student and catechist files up-to-date and ensures that necessary forms are present therein.  Accurately and in a timely manner, complete and submit Diocesan Religious Education Census form and all other required diocesan forms.  Initiate and maintain accurate records on students, families, catechists, and other participants, and coordinate all updates of sacramental records with the Parish Secretary.
  • See to ongoing formation of catechetical staff through diocesan and parish events, catechetical classes and workshops, approved catechetical resources, catechist in-service days, and, when necessary, retreats/days of reflection.  Provide opportunities for participation in prayer, personal spiritual development and communal worship.
  • Promote ongoing formation of K-12 students in external religious educational opportunities throughout our diocese and beyond (i.e. CLI, World Youth Day).
  • Assist in the preparation of and manage parish religious education budget.  Review, evaluate, organize, inventory and order essential religious education materials and supplies
  • See to management and security of the building during religious education classes and activities, providing office coverage during religious education sessions.
  • Plan and execute vacation bible school program (if applicable), ensuring all staff are in compliance with Diocesan Youth Protection policies.
  • Teach courses for basic catechist certification and other religious education courses.
  • Coordinate or assist with the high school religious education program.
  • Coordinate or assist with parish RCIA program, including RCIA Adapted for children.
  • Meet with Pastor weekly on a regular schedule.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Pastor.


This position requires a mature, professional, responsible, committed individual with excellent communication (oral and written), organizational, administrative, managerial and interpersonal skills. Must be a Catholic in good standing and have a working knowledge of Church teaching, Catholic sacramental theology and practices of the Church and Diocese. Must be versed in the stages of human and faith development. It is recommended, where possible, that the DRE has received a Bachelor’s degree in Theology, Catechetics, Religious Education, or a related field. DRE’s should have a minimum of three years’ experience as a parish catechist prior to being hired as a parish DRE. They should also have attained (or be in the process of attaining) Diocesan Catechetical Certification.


  • Active, practicing Roman Catholic in good standing with the Church, and a commitment to his/her own faith life.
  • Well-developed knowledge of Scripture, the Catechism, Church documents, Church history, the stories of the saints and martyrs, Mariology.
  • Experienced in teaching the faith to adults, youth and children.
  • Able to communicate with all age groups, from varying cultural and social backgrounds.
  • Skilled organizer and overseer of catechetical programs that incorporate volunteer contributions.
  • Sensitive to controversial issues and able to respond according to Church teaching.
  • Familiar with the uses of media and technology for effective program implementation.


  • An undergraduate or graduate degree in teaching, theology or religious education, or a university certificate program in catechetical leadership, or equivalent.
  • Diocesan catechetical certification (ACM) desired.
  • Two to three years of recent catechetical experience.
  • Interest in attendance at diocesan workshops and seminars for ongoing education.


  1. Successful candidate must be a fully initiated and practicing Catholic, with good leadership and excellent communication skills, and in good standing with the church.
  2. Assumes responsibility for own continued personal, spiritual and professional growth.
  3. Appropriate conduct, manner and grooming; presenting self professionally.
  4. Ability to work cooperatively and communicate effectively.
  5. Consistent job attendance.
  6. Possess excellent communication skills to function effectively in a diverse community environment.
  7. Successful completions of a background check as required by the Diocese of Gaylord.
  8. Must have a current driver’s license and clean driving record in the state of Michigan.